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Welcome to Leintwardine Group Parish Council’s website.

There are 14 seats on the Parish Council: 12 for Leintwardine, 1 for Downton and 1 for Burrington. All seats on the Council will be renewed at the local elections on 2 MAY 2019.
Statements of persons nominated to be Parish Councillors for Leintwardine, and for the Mortimer Ward of Herefordshire Council, are now available to view on this site under "Notices"
If you would like to know more about becoming a Councillor please contact Leintwardine GPC Parish Clerk on 01547 540706.

Parish Information

Local MP:
Bill Wiggin

To contact Bill Wiggin please visit Bill Wiggin Online

Ward Councillor:
Cllr Carole Gandy
T: 07739 431049

Stand for what you believe in
Briefing sessions on the Elections Process for those interested in
becoming a councillor, or supporting a candidate
Thursday 7 March - Prospective candidates
briefing (open to all) - Assembly Hall, Hereford Town
Hall (6pm – 8pm)
12 March 2019 - Notice of election
3 April 2019 (4pm) - Deadline for delivery of nomination papers
2 May 2019 - Polling Day
3 May 2019 - Count

Clerk to Leintwardine Group Parish Council
Elizabeth Tingle
T: 01547 540706

Coming Up


Council Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month except August and January.
Meetings start at 7:30pm and are held in the Reading Room, High Street, Leintwardine. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Next Scheduled Council Meeting - 9th May 2019 at 7.30pm, Reading Rooms - Council Annual Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be on 15th May 2019 at 7.30pm at the Reading Rooms - residents are invited hear about the Parish Council's work over the past year and to raise issues they would like the Parish Council to address

The proposed precept for 2019-20 is £25,043. For a Band D property this would mean an annual charge of £55.79 for Parish Council services. The charge for a Band D property in 2018/19 was £48.85; therefore the proposed added cost is £6.94, which is an increase of 14%. For more details see the documents published under "Finance" for 2019.

The Leintwardine Centre

For the latest events at the Leintwardine Centre go to
Leintwardine Centre

News and Notices


Local Planning Consultation details can be found by following the link to the Herefordshire Council Planning portal below

The Parish Council has been notified of the following Planning Applications:
190161 - Land off Rosemary Lane, Leintwardine - Application for approval of reserved matters following Outline approval 142215 - Residential development of up to 45 dwellings (Use Class C3) means of access and associated works
190657 - Old Downton Lodge - Replacement boiler (Listed building consent)
190656 - Old Downton Lodge - Replacement boiler (Planning permission)
190789 - 9 Watling Street, Leintwardine (Works to trees in a conservation area)
190656 - Weavers Barn, Watling Street (Extension and repairs to outbuilding (bothy))

2019/CL61/001 - Application by the Open Spaces Society to register land adjacent to Adleymoor Common as common land

The Parish Council's response to Planning Application 190161 - Development of 45 dwelling houses on Land off Rosemary Lane, Leintwardine - can be found on this website under "Consultations"

Herefordshire Council News
For the latest news from Herefordshire Council see
Herefordshire Now

A small minority of dog owners are not clearing up after their dogs. Dog mess can cause serious illness particularly in children and people with reduced immunity. Tiny Toxacara Canis eggs can remain long after the rain has washed the visible mess away. It is seen as a significant public health issue, and dog owners can be fined for leaving their dog's mess in public places. The Parish Council is putting up notices to remind dog owners of their legal duties and increasing waste bin capacity in Leintwardine. The Council also plans to provide dog waste bag dispensers, so that dog owners will have no excuse for not acting responsibly.

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